Charity Fund Chunytskyi

Contributions of any size will help support people affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

What We Do?

Our Mission

The main mission of the Alexey Chunitsky Charitable Foundation is to help Ukraine in the struggle for independence and peace and build a strong state that will invest its resources in its bright future after the victory over Russia.

We have been providing assistance to people affected by the war in Ukraine who cannot support themselves (the elderly people, women and children, people with disabilities) since February 24, 2022.

We have been doing this since the beginning of the war, and we are convinced that by joining forces, we can support Ukrainians during the Russian invasion and prevent people from being left without food and housing.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of people in the de-occupied areas of Ukraine need help, so any financial and other material support is more important than ever! Your donations are used to purchase necessities (food, medicine, clothing, etc.) and restore destroyed homes.

We also help the Ukrainian Armed Forces with necessary things and food to defeat the enemy.

You can choose which activity you want to support with your donations. Follow the link for details.

Thank you for helping Ukraine in this most difficult time!

Assist those serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces

We purchase and deliver food, safety and hygiene products, medical supplies, and ammunition to the war zone

Humanitarian aid

Provide humanitarian aid to residents of the de-occupied territories of Ukraine and displaced people who had to move because of the war


Our Ongoing Campaigns

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